“Whenever someone mentions building a house, we always recommend Albert Holloman. Our first experience with him was 11 years ago  and was so positive that when we decided to build a vacation home, there was no question as to who our first choice in contractors would be. Albert helps you through the process, educates you on your choices, and is open to your ideas.  We feel Albert is a man of character, integrity, and we have a huge amount of respect for his knowledge in the construction business.”
-Bobby & Randy Fussell

“From the first meeting we knew Albert was the right builder for us, as our personalities just clicked. Albert made the custom home building process as pain free as one could imagine simply due to his laid back attitude and no worry approach thru the entire process. Albert is one of those contractors who isn’t afraid to pick up a hammer or shovel and actually do some work.  He is respected and had a good working relationship with all of his subcontractors, which was evident throughout the project.  ”

“He is a man of his word and stands behind his finished product.  We would have him build another house for us…. if we didn’t like the first one so much!”
-Chris & Krista Austin

“Albert built our custom home from October 08 – July 09. We wanted a builder who was honest and trustworthy, easy to communicate with and easy to stay in touch with during construction. We also wanted a builder with the reputation for producing a quality house. Albert came highly recommended with all the characteristics we wanted. He lived up to his reputation. After completion of the house it was certified energy efficient in the E-300 program of the Greenville Utilities Commission. We are happy with the quality and workmanship of the house he built for us. He continues to be available to address issues that often happen during the “break-in” time for a new home. He would be our builder of choice if we were to decide to build another house.”
-Bob & Charlotte Edwards

“Albert has built 2 custom homes for us. Albert built our current home 18 years ago and recently completed our river home. He utilizes quality sub-contractors providing excellent oversight of their work. Throughout the construction process, he provides unique perspectives on quality improvements and cost savings to make dream homes a reality. The quality and craftsmanship of our 2 homes have been superb – the follow-up needs after completion have been timely and reliable. Albert provides a trustworthy building experience for unique custom homes.”
-Dr. Lee & Vicki Pippin

“Holloman Construction managed to meet each deadline with high quality work. Prompt, considerate, and thorough, we couldn’t have asked for better. It is very rare these days to find a contractor who values customer satisfaction more than a sale.”
-Thomas & Melonie McIntosh

“Albert told me in our initial meeting that he wanted to build the home that my wife and I would be happy with.   I found that to be more than just words…he puts that into action when the home is being constructed.

Albert has a ‘knack’ for suggesting interior details that adds aesthetic value to the home at an affordable price.

Throughout the entire building process, Albert provided me with detailed invoices covering materials and labor.  I found him to be absolutely honest and straightforward in all aspects.

I would use Albert Holloman if I were going to build another home and I am completely comfortable in recommending him to my friends and associates.”
-Charles Long

“We have nothing but positive things to say concerning our experiences with Holloman Construction during the building of our home in 2001.  The entire process from beginning to end was handled in a very pleasant, yet professional manner.  Such was our satisfaction that when we decided to remodel and enlarge this past year, there was no doubt that Albert would be doing the job for us.  We recommend Holloman Construction to anyone desiring a reputable, honest builder.”
-Walter & Sue Claybrook

“When I had my house built 5 years ago, there was no question who I wanted as my contractor. I had been in many of Albert Holloman homes prior to building myself, and I was impressed with the amenities, attention to detail and fine craftsmanship of his homes.  Albert was completely available to me during the building process, answering my hundreds of questions.  His subcontractors were timely, professional, and courteous.  If I ever build again, Holloman Construction is my #1 choice. I would unequivocally recommend Albert to anyone who is considering building a home in Pitt County”.
-Mary Parsons

“We enjoyed the homebuilding process. As first time homebuilders, Mr. Holloman provided valuable insight with various phases of the process. After meeting with him, he knew what we wanted and provided guidance to help us achieve the style we desired. Mr. Holloman made it easy. His expertise led us to build the home of our dreams. He was with us every step of the way. We couldn’t have done it without him!!”
-Russ & Faith Carson

“Mr. Holloman, Albert as he goes by, builds a spectacular, solid house and works comfortably with the owners. Thirteen years after building our house, we remain friendly admirers of Albert.  We love our house and he is still responsive to any questions we may have. If we had it to do over again, we would definitely choose Albert to build our house.”
-Steve & Melissa Powell

“When we built our house in 1993 Albert Holloman was recommended to us.  My husband said he would not build a house without 3 price quotes but after talking to Mr. Holloman we were both impressed in his sincerity.  Building prices were going up at that time so fast that he could not give us an exact figure on what our home would cost,he said it would not be fair to either one of us and he would build the house with a cost plus percentage.  We werevery happy with his work and his fairness to us.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to build a home.”
-Billy & Marie Ellis

“Albert’s integrity, character & honesty reflect his Christian values. We know he was putting the same workmanship into our home as he would his own. Working with him was a great experience and we would highly recommend Holloman Construction to anyone for their building needs.”
-Harriett Baker

“I was a newlywed when my husband and I asked Albert Holloman for help in the design plan, location, and building of our first house. Albert was so helpful in every aspect of building the house that we have lived in for 17 years with our daughter. He wants you to be as pleased as possible and builds the homes as if he were building it for himself and his family. He is a family man with company support in each and every step of the way. We made an additional garage later and of course we went back to Mr. Holloman. Holloman Construction continues to support our home even after so many years. You cannot ask for better service than that.”
-Connie Cheston

“Our experience with Albert Holloman was outstanding!  Whenever we had concerns during the construction process, we always felt better after speaking with him, and what we agreed upon, he made sure to carry out.  He stands behind his work, and we would certainly build with him again!”
-Vickie & Stan Oakley

“Albert built our house four years ago.  It  is a great house!  Albert was wonderful to work with, did what he said he would do, and knows how to calm you down when things get crazy (and that is going to happen if you build a house!) He also took care of us after we moved in. Three years after he finished our house, we had a door that would not close all the way, making it impossible to lock it.  We called Albert to find out who he knew that could fix it.  We were expecting to pay; these things happen. Albert came over personally and fixed that door!!  No charge, and he did it that day.”
-Bill Burnett

“When we decided to build our home we talked to many people to decide who would be the right man for the job and when I met Albert I thought he was a great guy, true to his word and someone who knew what he was doing! Our house we had to build because we couldn’t find anything we liked else where, so we decided to have Albert build our house and we got everything we always wanted! ”
-Lee & Debbie Blankenship

“Holloman Construction built our Home in Ironwood Subdivision in Greenville NC in 2007.   In working with Mr. Holloman we found him to be very professional, always wanting to build us the kind of home we would enjoy for years to come. He provided quality workmanship in a timely manner and was very easy to work with during the building process. Two things that I really liked in working with him was # 1 he was very experienced and could offer me expert advice and suggestions and #2 he provided information up-front about every detail concerning our home. We would highly recommend Holloman Construction Company to anyone choosing to build a beautiful custom home!”
-Pat & John Conway

“I have had dealings with Holloman Construction off and on for the past 10 years.  They built my house in 1999, a house for my parents in 2002, and have done two additions to my house.  I have found Albert Holloman to be a very easy person to deal with and is extremely conscientious.  He listens to what you want in your construction and then uses his expertise and advises whether or not your ideas are feasible.  He maintains a hands on approach with all his contractors making sure their workmanship meets his quality expectations.

As far as honesty, you could not find a more honest person.  He gives you a full accounting of everything that goes into your house.  He provides you with every invoice and all credit return slips.  Nothing goes unaccounted for.

The whole building process with Holloman Construction was a very enjoyable experience.  I actually miss not being involved with Albert in a building project.”
-Rick Wilkerson

If you  were  a client of Holloman Construction and would like to  share your experience email us at klholloman@gmail.com.